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Calcium Rich Beans & Legumes

Follow Me on Pinterest Beans and legumes tend to have a good bit of calcium that can contribute to a calcium-rich diet. The beans in this database are cooked beans and the graphs display the calcium content of 100 grams. One cup of cooked beans is close to 200 grams. Consider that it is easy to eat two cups of beans, you could get on the order of 20% of your required calcium from that meal.

Beans do have calcium inhibitors however and it is important to soak them in advance in warm water to reduce those inhibitors. (I recommend soaking them the night before you cook them in water above body temperature — 110 degrees +.)

Calcium in Beans and Legumes

Adzuki Beans Papad
Baked Beans Peanut Butter
Broadbeans (Fava Beans) Peanuts
Carob Flour Pink Beans
Cranberry Beans Pinto Beans
French Beans Red Kidney Beans
Great Northern Beans Refried Beans
Hummus Soy Flour
Hyacinth Beans Soybeans
Kidney Beans Soymilk
Lentils Split Peas
Lima Beans Tamari
Miso Tempeh
Mothbeans White Beans
Mung Beans Winged Beans
Natto Yardlong Beans
Navy Beans Yellow Beans

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