Calcium Rich Fruits

Follow Me on Pinterest Fruit as a class is not loaded with calcium, but you can choose fruit selectively as part of a calcium-rich diet. The top ten fruits for calcium in our database are at right — olives may not sound like fruit however and a number of them are quite obscure.

Tamarinds are a key part of the Mexican diet but not typically used in middle America. Prickly pears are increasingly popular as a nutritional supplement — they are the red fruit on top of cactus/nopal. Certainly, most of us have access to oranges, dates, and currants.

For the most part, however, the best calcium-rich diet is one that you create yourself based on what you like to eat and what is available to you. We include the more common fruits below — explore these fruits and come up with some great calcium-rich meals that work for you.

Calcium in Popular Fruits

Apples Figs Papayas
Apricots Grapefruit, Pink Peaches
Avocados Grapes, Muscadine Pears
Bananas Guavas Persimmons
Blackberries Honeydew Pineapple
Blueberries Kiwi Plums
Cantaloupe Lemons Pomegranates
Cherries Limes Raspberries
Cranberries Mangos Strawberries
Currants Nectarines Tamarinds
Dates, Medjool Oranges, Florida Watermelon
Elderberries . .

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