Calcium Rich Vegetables

Follow Me on Pinterest Vegetables in general do not tend to be rich in iron, however some garden greens are calcium-rich. Grape leaves and lambs quarters top the list, though grape leaves are used more as a condiment and lambs quarters is not commercially available, though can be foraged in many areas in the wild. Collards, spinach, and kale are widely available greens that are high in calcium.

However, keep in mind that with all of these calcium-rich greens, your best strategy is to prepare them to reduce the calcium inhibitors, notably oxalic acid. Boiling them and discarding the boiling water is your best bet. You will discard some other nutrients in the boiling water, but you will absorb more calcium in your greens. Check out our article on reducing oxalic acid in your food.

Calcium in Common Vegetables

For information on the calcium content of common vegetables, explore these pages on our website:

Acorn Squash Jalapeno Peppers
Artichokes Jerusalem Artichoke
Arugula Kale
Asparagus Kohlrabi
Banana Peppers Mushrooms
Beet Greens Mustard Greens
Beets Nopales
Bok Choy Okra
Broccoli Onions
Brussel Sprouts Palm Hearts
Butternut Squash Parsley
Cabbage Parsnips
Carrots Peas
Cauliflower Pumpkin
Celery Radishes
Chard Red Cabbage
Chili Peppers Red Potatoes
Chives Romaine Lettuce
Collards Russet Potatoes
Corn (Sweet) Rutabagas
Crookneck Squash Seaweed
Cumcumber Shallots
Edamame Spinach
Eggplant Sweet Green Peppers
Garlic Tomatillos
Ginger Turnip Greens
Green Leaf Lettuce Turnips
Hubbard Squash Yams